Poverty is one of the greatest issues facing humanity. Currently, around 1.1 billion children are stuck in poverty on a daily basis in our world.

It’s hard to know what to do with such a massive issue – but I have decided to do something about it – and I’m inviting you to join me.

Through my music – together with Compassion Australia, I’m hoping to do something special for a community in the Philippines.

My campaign is called ‘Going Somewhere…’

Earlier in 2013, I went to the Philippines – in particular, a small island called Palawan. I went there to visit a Compassion Project that was helping children and their families in their own community. I got to see what Compassion are doing and how they help children and their families in need.

I met families that live in real poverty – with shack homes and sickness they can’t afford treatment for. I know these people deserve better.
I met grown men who cried – just that someone cared to visit them. I’m hoping that we can care enough to also help them.

Through Compassion they get an education, food, heathcare, Christian teaching and a whole lot more. But in saying that, they need all the help they can get – the need is so much more than their ability to meet it.

So – I am raising money which will go directly to the people that I met. Straight to the community I visited.

So – here’s where you come in – you can do a few things to raise money with me:

1) When you purchase tickets to my shows – you are able to select to give a small portion of the cost of your ticket – directly to this community.

2) At shows that I play – I’ll have the worlds coolest suitcase thing doing the rounds – you can sign a message and also throw some money in – money which also goes straight to this project.

3) You can click the button below and make your own donation to this cause

I say – thanks – and let’s do something about this and help out this community.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page or Instagram (@jakenauta) on how we go raising funds this upcoming tour in November 2013!

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